What we do

«Avenir Mobilité l Zukunft Mobilität» provides a platform for actors of various sectors, branches and political fields in order to promote the dialogue on long term challenges, to identify opportunities and to widely and actively discuss solutions within the range of mobility and traffic. Continue reading about what we do.


To that end we carry out dialogue events in different formats.

Event formats

Stage I

Dialogue events

• Performance of dialogue events for members, interested parties and the media

• Themed events with top-class opening presentations

• Tightly led discussion and question-answer rounds with subsequent networking possibilities

• Members receive a report after the events

• The thematic focus and speakers are suggested and decided upon by the board

Field trips

• Selected field trips for members, politicians and interested parties to get to know pioneering projects from within and outside of Switzerland

• On-site possibility for exchange with experts and decision makers

Club meetings

• Performance of lunch and dinner events exclusively for members with selected opening presentations and subsequent discussions in small groups

Stage II

Regional events

• Performance of cantonal and regional events in order to specifically include projects of cantons, regions, and cities

Moderated workshops

• Performance of workshops in moderated working groups, with according to the demands of our members

• Aim: Formulating precise questions, thesis papers and possible project proposals

Calendar of events concerning mobility

• The dialogue platform develops a digital calendar of events displaying planned events of interested partners in Switzerland related to the subject of transport policy