Our goals

The purpose of «Avenir Mobilité l Zukunft Mobilität» is the establishment of a dialogue platform in Switzerland that is neutral concerning traffic carriers. Its goal is to improve the dialogue between authorities, economy, politics and science about future challenges and the prospects of traffic. Continue reading about our goals.

What does «Avenir Mobilité l Zukunft Mobilität» want to achieve?

We want to

… launch a sound and overarching (in terms of traffic carriers) discussion about mobility solutions.

… promote the understanding and necessary knowledge about mobility solutions that are fit for the future.

… show the opportunities and possibilities of modern technology in traffic-related fields.

… bring together actors from various branches and facilitate the exchange of expertise.

… encourage cooperation with other interested actors from the national and international realm.

… contribute actively towards recognizing and seizing the mid- and long-term challenges of mobility in time.

How does «Avenir Mobilité l Zukunft Mobilität» differentiate itself?

«Avenir Mobilité l Zukunft Mobilität»

… does not treat daily issues or such that are currently voted on.

… does not represent interests of economic, political or specific traffic-carrier nature.

… does not publish its own studies, but discusses results and articles of third parties.

… is not profit-oriented and uses its financial means entirely for the dialogue in transport policy.

… sees itself as supplement to existing actors and organizations in the field of mobility and transport.