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Benefits of membership

As member of the dialogue platform «AVENIR MOBILITÉ | Zukunft Mobilität»

… you are part of a network that is solution-oriented and long-term in its focus and which contributes actively to the future of mobility in Switzerland and its neighboring countries.

… you can introduce your own topic suggestions and actively participate in the discussion of mid- and long-term challenges and possible solutions.

… you will be invited to events (dialogue events, workshops, field trips, etc.) that are of overriding thematic importance and neutral concerning traffic carriers.

… you receive valuable information about the development of mobility in Switzerland and abroad as well as about important new technological achievements at first hand.

… you profit from a network that searches and promotes an active exchange of knowledge and experience with existing actors and organizations in the field of transport policy.

Membership categories

There are three categories of membership:

Member of the board

  • As board member, you actively co-determine the strategy and topics of «Avenir Mobilité | Zukunft Mobilität». You also get the opportunity to make proposals regarding speakers etc.
  • As board member, the participation at our events is free of charge (except for food fees at club meetings).
  • As board member you have the right to register several employees of your company / your organization for one of our events.

Membership fee for board members

  • Companies that take part in the board are required to pay an annual fee of CHF 8’000.
  • Associations, authorities and specialist organizations are required to pay CHF 5’000 per year.

Regular members

  • Regular members can participate at our events for free (except for food fees at club meetings).
  • As a regular member, you can bring a second employee of your company/ of your organization to our events.

Membership fee for regular members

  • For companies wishing to become regular members the annual fee amounts to CHF 5’000.
  • Associations, authorities and specialist organizations are required to pay CHF 1’500 per year.

Individual membership

  • Individual membership is exclusively reserved for interested individuals.
  • As individual member you are invited to the events of «Avenir Mobilité l Zukunft Mobilität». You can participate free of charge as long as the capacity of participants is not limited.

Membership fee for individual members

  • The annual membership fee amounts to CHF 100.

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