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AVENIR MOBILITÉ | ZUKUNFT MOBILITÄT is a dialogue platform for intelligent traffic. The platform seeks to intensify the exchange of knowledge and the mutual collaboration between different actors of transport and mobility policy. A holistic perspective shall support the discussion and progress of medium and long term solutions.

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  • Everyone interested in mobility and traffic is welcome to become a member (individuals too). Learn more about the benefits of a membership and get registered today.

Next event

On 20 September 2016 a private event for members is taking place. Stefan Engler, MP and Chairman of the Board of Directors, will be giving a speech on the subject "The Rhaetian Railway – Train for tourists and regional traffic. What does the future look like?" Members will receive the invitation documents in time.

Date: 20 September 2016
Heure: 12:00 - 14:00
Location: Restaurant zum Äusseren Stand, Berne




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